Disaster Designs Aviary clasp hand bag

Disaster Designs Aviary clasp hand bag 1

This gorgeous hummingbird clasp hand bag is part of the Disaster Designs Aviary range. Featuring antique hummingbird and floral illustrations on the front and vintage calligraphy on the back, this is a beautifully crafted bag. Equipped with a sturdy strap, an inner zip, phone holder and extra pocket, the hummingbird giant clip bag is the perfect way to make a statement.

The Aviary range is a true timeless classic, featuring vintage-style designs across bags, accessories and even kitchenware. As you might expect from the name, the range leans heavily on birds, specifically the flamingo and the blue tit. A delicate colour range of pinks and blues combined with floral patterns and ornate calligraphy make the Aviary range hard to resist!

Dimensions: 36 cm (height) x 28 cm (wide).

Price: $127.00$60.00
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