Sing paper angels


If you listen very carefully, you can hear these angels sing. Sometimes it is a jolly ‘happy birthday to you’, at other times a kindly ‘get well’ song, gentle lullaby, or of course the most charming Christmas carols! You can write a wish in the heart or on the back of the robe. This makes the angels perfect for use as greeting cards, but you can also just ‘free’ the pop-out angels from their cards to use them as home-decoration. The angels can stand, or you can hang them up by attaching a string to their wings.

Jurianne Matter ‘sing angels’ come in a set of 7 cards with easy pop-out angels in different printed designs.

The paper carries the FSC logo and is acid and chlorine free and is printed with ink based on vegetable oils. Even the bag it is packaged in is made of maize. Lovely!